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China Association for International Education Leaders visit AT0086


China Association for International Education Leaders visit AT0086 

Time:5th November 2014 16:24 P.M  
From:AT0086 International Exchange Center 

November 5th in the morning, 2014, the Vice President and Secretary General of China Association for International Education, He Xiangmin and his entourage paid a visit to AT0086 Company and several universities in Wuhan China offering instruction on International Education Construction and promotion. The Secretary-General, Mr. He has long been engaged in international cooperation and exchanges, student education management and research work. His visit in Wuhan this time mainly targeted in the Company--AT0086, specializing in International Education in China as well as several key universities in Wuhan.


November 5th in the morning, the conference convened in No.1 meeting room of AT0086 Meeting Center. General Manager of AT0086, Zhou Jinping and the operations director, Xiong Juan as well as the stuff from International Exchange Center attended the discussion.

On behalf of AT0086 Company, the general manager, Zhou Jinping extended a warm welcome to the Secretary-General, Mr. He and his entourage for their visiting to AT0086.The general manager, Mr. Chou introduced the Company development in the field of International Education during eight years of efforts and dedication.AT0086 enjoyed a rapid growth since its establishment. Its network platform in 2014 has exceeded 10 million visits with service for International students from more than 100 countries and territories. Its operations director, Xiong Juan described three service system of AT0086 and also its future direction .During the discussion, Ms. Xiong reported a number of important industry research results of AT0086 to the Secretary-General, Mr. He,expressing the willingness of better service for Study abroad in China Higher Education Industry through this meeting and promoting the cause development of International education in China.

The Secretary-General, He Xiangming, fully affirmed the achievements and contributions AT0086 have done in recent years, taking the promotion of regional international study in China in Anhui province as the example, Mr. He highly recognized in AT0086 in promoting the contribution of foreign students mobility in China. During the discussion, Mr. He fully agreed AT0086's persisting in its market exploiting among domestic universities  as well as the regular resources and experience sharing for more than one hundred partner universities of AT0086 .Mr. He then expressed that the China Association International Education fully accept the absorption of advanced research and outcomes. After the discussion, the Secretary-General, Mr. He also has high hopes for employees in AT0086, encouraging its further development in the three service system of AT0086: Service for students; Service for universities; Service for the Nation, suggest that everyone should insist on developing his or her wider horizon for a better construction for Higher Education in China and contribute his or her part for the construction of Chinese Dream and the cultural soft power of China. Student services, service universities, serve the country, as well as adhere to expand to a broader vision for higher education in China building blocks, shoulder height contribute to a sense of strength for the Chinese dream and Chinese soft power.