General cost of studying in China

General cost of studying in China

Studying in China is relatively inexpensivewhen compared with the US or Britain. Tuition fees in Chinese universities arein the range £1,320–2,400 (US$2,000–4,000) per academic year, depending on theinstitution and subject.

1.Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for international students arepriced between 12000 Yuan to 50000 Yuan per academic year. The stream wisebreak up is as follows.

a)Arts Subjects (all threelevels)

Undergraduate- 10,000 to 20,000 Yuan

Post Graduate - 14,000 to 24,000 Yuan

Doctoral Studies- 17000 to 27000 Yuan

b)Science & Technology,Agriculture, Medicine, Sports Subjects

Undergraduate-11,000 to 41,000 Yuan

Post Graduate-16,500 to 48,000 Yuan

Doctoral Studies- 18,500 to 50,000 Yuan

2.Living and Other Expenses

The living and other expenses variousexpenses like accommodation, food, clothing, study travel medical expenses aswell as miscellaneous expenses. Based on living standards the costs of livingcan be anywhere between 2,500 Yuan to 6,400 Yuan. The expenses on high endlifestyle in China are limitless.

3.Accommodation Expenses

Accommodation is one factor that needsutmost planning, especially while staying in China. Residing in luxuriousaccommodations in posh cities is certainly a splurge. In an overcrowdeddormitory the accommodation may cost 97 Yuan and even higher for a day. Howeverthe costs are greatly reduced by half in two tier cities and even more in threetier cities.  Hence the cots for livingin a small city is anywhere between RMB1200 to 3200 a month and in smaller citiesthe cost of residing averages at about 1200 Yuan.

4.Health Insurance

It is mandatory for all students staying inChina for a period of more than six months to be insured medically. Studentsare required to purchase their medical insurance before their stay. Thisdocument needs to be submitted to the International office of the University.The cost of health insurance is about 600 Yuan per year based on the type ofplan.